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Meet the Sisters


Sister Payda Play

On June 12, 2016 a middle age gay man awoke to the news that that 49 members of Orlando's LGBT community had been massacred at Pulse Night Club as he slept. For years he had desired to contribute more to his local community; Pulse would prove to be a life changing event.
He Aspired to become a Music City Sister in July of 2016. His journey of becoming a Sister would soon give birth to Payda Play. On June 24th, 2017, one year and 12 days after the Pulse Massacre, Payda Play
recited her vows becoming a Music City Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. She was surrounded by her fellow Music City Sisters
on grounds of the Nashville Pride Festival.
Since then she has let her love for individuals and her community be her guiding force. 


Sister Terry Yaki

  Sister Terry Yaki is the current Mistress of Alms (Treasurer).  She has held many roles within the organization and is driven by her vows of Service and Equality.  Sister Terry began her journey as an Aspirant journey in February 2014 during the Pink Panty Pulldown which was her Novice Project the following year.  Terry's interests include anything Japanese, fan clacks, social justice, technology, and enameled pins

Sawyer Ladybits.jpg

Sister Sawyer Ladybits

As our Mistress of Novices, Sister Sawyer Ladybits is  a mentor and ensures all novice members meet the standards necessary to become fully professed members of the Music City Sisters.


Sister  Pursefonee Ophelia Bitz

I am Sister Pursefonee Ophelia Bitz – I aspired at the MCS general meeting on Pride day in 2012.  I had seen Sisters on a trip to San Francisco and was blown away by the beauty of these Sisters and inspired by their desire to be present for their community.  Years later I ran into several Sisters in Nashville and knew that I wanted to be a part of this house.  My mission as a Sister is to always recognize the unique beauty within each person I meet, to look into them in the eye and honor their journey, to never expect someone to be anything other than perfectly themselves, and most importantly to caution them that life is not a fairy tale.  If you lose your shoe at midnight, you’re drunk. 


Sister Faegala Tina Pfischzoot

 Sister Faegala Tina Pfischzoot---“That’s Yiddish for ‘Faggot in a Fish Suit’ !”

Sister Faegala--#VintageDragMaNunOnTheLoose is a San Francisco native, has been around the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence since the early days.  Though she never formally professed in her homeland, she spend a lot of time with the Sisters in collaboration with her work with San Francisco Sex Information, many AIDS service organizations, the leather community, Black Leather Wings Radical Faeries, and agencies she worked in as a social worker.  When she moved away from her beloved City by the Bay in 1996, she needed a break. Three years clean & sober and burned out from nearly two decades of AIDS/HIV activism and care,  it was time to regroup, replenish, and focus on other endeavors for a while.….

After 3 years in Northern California working in Special Ed in hi-risk schools and tending to her emu and ostrich farm, she moved to Port Townsend WA, a Victorian seaport on the National Registry of Historic Places—for 9 years.  Moving to Nashville TN was a huge change, and she wondered if she would ever see many of her friends, Sisters, faeries, queens, Leatherfolk and  perverts she had left behind. A chance meeting of two faeries at an Adam Lambert GlamNation concert in Atlanta blew up her world…finding out that there were SISTERS and FAERIES everywhere in the South… and that Nashville had a house of Sisters!  Months after hanging out with Sisters and new friends in Birmingham AL and Atlanta GA, she met a few Music City Sisters at the Atlanta Exequatur—and re-met Mish!  The rest is Sistory---so much has happened since then.  

Today I am the oldest—chronologically and professed—active Sister in the Music City Sisters.  I am so blessed to serve as Co-Mistress of Mission of the UNPC—United Nuns Privy Council, which teaches and coaches new Missions of sisters and guards in North America . Since being elected 4 ½ years ago, the Order has grown in leaps and bounds—especially in the South and Midwest. We now have 53 Fully Professed Houses in North America and several Missions working their way through the process. I am excited to also work as Mistress of Archives, Mistress of Habits, and the Grant Committee in the Music City Sisters.  It was an honor several years ago to hold the office of Mistress of Novices as well…. 

I have had to slow down a bit lately due to health concerns but spreading JOY and banishing guilt comes in many packages.  For now, my digital and armchair ministry has taken on new meaning! #SistersWithoutBorders #VintageDragMaNunWillNotBeDeterred

Reya Sunshine.jpg

Sister Reya Sunshine

Reya Sunshine, AKA Saint Veronika, has been a longtime advocate and member of the LGBTQI+ community. With a background in HIIV prevention,counseling, and  education as well as a drag performer they have made a commitment to being a voice for positive change within the community.

Rose E Thorns.jpg

Sister Rose E Thorns

My journey as a Sister began 2017, after just moving back to Nashville. I was at a local bar
and had seen some Sisters ministering. They were bringing smiles to everyone around
them. I asked them exactly what and who they were, I loved what I heard. Been a Sister
ever since. I am a very giving person by nature and will try to help in any way possible.
So, spreading joy and banishing stigmatized guilt incorporated seamlessly. I'm giving
back to community looking gorgeous, you're welcome. LOVE and LIGHT

Mary Chastity.jpg

Sister Mary Chastity

 Sister Mary helps coordinate all things media for the Nashville House.  Sister Mary loves the Middle Tennessee area and helping those in need, whether doing ministry at local gathering places or selling Jello shots and doing Sister Drag at events to help raise money for our General Fund.  If you see her out and about, please stop and ask for a confession, a blessing, or just to say hello. 


Guard Emma Irascible

I am Guard Emma Irascible. My name honors the divine Diana Riggs, of The Avengers.

I come from a long line of LGBTQ activists.

In 2011 i first encountered the Sisters at Nashville Pride. At that time I had trouble making contact, then the busyness of life intervened. In 2012 at Pride we met again. I became a regular participant in all events, and finally became a Postulant in 2013. I became fully professed in early 2015.

    As a Guard I enjoy protecting my Sister Nuns, and serving their needs. It brings out the “mother” in me, and my natural irascibility if they face negativity or opposition.

    I cannot think of a more divinely fabulous purpose than that of spreading joy and relieving stigmatic guilt, and I cherish our vows. As a member of Our Order I strive to listen to the struggles of others, make them remember their value, assure them they are perfect just the way they are.


    Guard Schmeckle Glittershitz

    Schmeckle has a heart for service and has made it his mission to support the Sisters in any  endeavor. Weather it be setting up tables,picking up supplies, or designing  a website, Schmeckle is there with shiny leather boots and a smile.

    Freeda Plai BioPic.JPG

    Sister Freeda Plai

    Sister Freeda Plai is dedicated  to representing her community  and making a difference. She loves being a positive influence and has an intense passion for service. She has dedicated her life to working in the field of HIV care and prevention.



    This could be you! Click on the Get Involved tab for more info!



    This could be you! Click on the Get Involved tab for more info!

    St Sebastian.jpg


    Saints are honorary members of the house. These are individuals that have volunteered countless hours helping us do what we do. 

    BamBam—Brian Young

    Middle—Mark Hubbard

    Pam Simmons—St Pam the Monster

    Slayer (NvSr Agatha Harkness)

    Veronika Elektronika (Sister Reya

    Sunshine)—Steven Raimo

    Vanity—Noah Hunter Dabbs

    Ivy St James—Josh Brandon

    Paige Turner—Darrel Myers

    Ryleigh St James

    Victoria Diamond—Reedem Watcher

    Kimmie Satin

    Misty Mystique

    Mark Bruns-Revell—St Mark the Procrastinator

    Steve Bruns-Revell—St Steven the Compassionate

    Rockey (Bill)—St Rockey the Top

    Scott Weaver—St Shelby the Bottom

    Stephen Bloodworth—St Stephen the Stigma Slayer

    Cowboy Larry Frampton

    Mathu Potts—Saint Earl Grey

    Brett Harrison Perkins—Saint Sing-A-Song

    Wade Miller

    Dan Syriac

    James Grady

    Jackie Walton—Saint Jacques Mehoff

    Kelvin Amburgey-Walton—Dakota St James


    Susan Schwab

    Sherri Gray

    Brady Morris

    Marissa Richmond

    Ron Sanford

    Steven Kiss

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