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Submitting a Music City Sisters Grant Proposal

Note: Failure to include any of the information listed below may result in your proposal being denied

  1. Start with a short paragraph that clearly states who you and your organization are, how much you are asking for, and what you plan to do with the grant.

  2. Explain the specific need for this grant. We prioritize funding for direct services; we do not fund salaries.

  3. Tell us who will benefit. If your work will directly benefit GLBTQIF youth, say so. Specify the geographic area the proposal will serve.

  4. Tell us how the grant will help you make a difference. We’ll be assessing the impact of our contribution on both your organization and the community.

  5. Provide an annual budget for your organization and a budget for the specific project.

  6. Provide complete contact information including phone number(s) and email address(es), and the name of a representative we may contact if we have questions. If you have a web site, provide the address so we can check it out.

  7. Specify the payee and address for our check, should your proposal be selected. We strongly prefer that a representative of your organization pick up the check in person at the event we designate for announcing that cycle’s awards.

  8. Provide a copy of your Internal Revenue Service letter of determination of 501(c)3 non-profit status or that of your fiscal agent.

Mail your proposal to:

The Music City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc.
Attn: Grants Committee
P.O. Box 330985
Nashville TN 37203

Email for more info:

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